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About Antler Products

Antler products have to pass an intensive 12-point quality testing program to ensure they meet the required standards we set out. If your product has developed a defect, please use the following guidelines to ascertain if this would be covered by the warranty, and guidance on what to do next.


10 Year Warranty: All Hard and Soft luggage ranges in Large, Medium and Cabin sizes. (With the exception of the Business ranges where only the Large and Medium Suitcases are covered for this period of time).


5 Year Warranty: All Backpacks and Briefcases, Hard and Soft with wheels, plus Garment Carriers from the Business Range.


2 Year Warranty: All Backpacks and Briefcases, Hard and Soft without wheels.


Non Warranty: Leather Bags, Purses and Accessories.


The length of warranty is clearly indicated by each product on the website and the warranty card that comes with your purchase. If you made your purchase less than 12 months ago, we would advise that you contact the retailer it was purchased from as part of their independent returns process.


UK Warranty 
The Antler warranty covers faults caused by defective workmanship or material, but excludes mishandling by carriers. The warranty provides for repair, or at Antlers discretion, a replacement within the UK. (Shipping fees to and from our repair center may apply). The warranty does not cover damage due to general wear and tear. To activate your warranty, register your purchase online at Outside of the UK, where Antler are not present, this will be at the discretion of the Antler distributor, and may be a chargeable service. If no Antler distributor is present, your claim will be considered in the UK.


What is not covered under the Warranty?


> Mishandling damaged caused by Airline luggage handlers or other travel operators (Such as rips, scratching, denting, cracking, sheared off wheels or components, bent trolley handles and similar)

> General use or wear and tear

> Neglect

> Accidents

> Abrasions

> Exposure to extreme temperatures

> Damaged caused by exposure to water, beauty products, chemicals, solvents or acids

> Damage to any contents in transit such as Camera’s, Media Equipment, bottles etc.

> Deliberate damage

> Matching products, or items purchased as a set

> Combination lock issues caused by incorrect setting of the lock, if you use the lock incorrectly, or if it has been forced open


If you have forgotten or misplaced your personal code, or your lock becomes jammed by trying to re-set the combination whilst it is already locked, please click the following link to view a variety of instructions you can use to find your original code, and how to re set it:


How do I register my warranty? 
To register your warranty simply click the link here , complete the form and submit. A copy of your details will be registered in the country you reside in for future reference, and your will receive a confirmation email of the details you entered. Please keep a copy of your purchase receipt as you will need this for any future claim.


For UK Customers please contact our approved repair agent directly on the following:


K2 Global Ltd

Unit A Boyn Valley Industrial Estate

Boyn Valley Road





Tel: +44 (0)1628 591187

Fax: 0844 880 9996

Opening Hours

09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday

Excluding Weekends and Public Holidays


Stores: Please note all repair requests or collections need to be made electronically.


If your product was purchased outside of the UK, or you are now located outside of the UK, you will need to contact the Antler distributor for your country. 
Simply click the link here, complete the form and submit. A copy of your claim details will be sent to the distributor in the country you have selected, and your will receive a confirmation email of this. The distributor will then contact you directly with further instructions. 
If we advise you that we do not have a distributor for a particular country, we will invite you to complete an online warranty form which will be assessed in the UK. Please complete the online Warranty Claim form by clicking here.


At the time of making a claim you will be asked to provide either a copy of your purchase receipt or a copy of your order confirmation email. This will allow us to verify that your warranty period is still valid. We may accept other documents such as bank statements, as long as the items are clearly stated, a warranty card that has been stamped and dated at the time of purchase by the retailer, and includes full details of your product. We are unable to consider warranty claims without one of the above.


In the first instance we aim to offer a spare part or repair via our approved repair agent*. We will wherever possible use a matching spare part, but some items come in a standard colour such as black. If spare parts are not available for your particular model, or we are unable to offer a repair, we will at our discretion offer a replacement. If a replacement is offered, we will aim to provide the same product, but as our ranges change from one season to another, we reserve the right to offer the nearest alternative option available at that time. When offering alternative ranges, we will consider if you have a hard or soft shell product, the general size, the price paid, and the wear and tear of the item.


We do not replace matching items, even if they were purchased as a set, or at the same time, unless they also have a manufacturing defect.


You are not entitled to a refund as part of the Warranty.


Repairs should only be carried out by Antler approved repair agents otherwise you may forfeit your warranty.


When a product is repaired under the warranty, the remaining time left on the existing warranty will still be valid, but not extended. If we are unable to repair your product, and we offer you a replacement, you will receive a new warranty for this, and your existing warranty will become void.


If you make a claim under the warranty, you are responsible for all costs of getting the product to an approved repair center, including but not limited to, the cost of packaging and shipping. If your claim is approved, we will pay for the repair and return of your product, or for a replacement to be shipped out to you. 
If your claim is not approved under our warranty, our repair agent will let you know if the damage can be repaired, and what the cost of that would be. You would be responsible for all costs of repair outside of the warranty, and for it to be shipped back to you.


(a) Legal Warranty: Consumers are entitled to the legal warranty. It covers lack of conformity of the goods at the time of the delivery. The seller undertakes to replace or repair the concerned goods (or parts) free of charge. The seller reserves the right to exchange the article if the costs for a repair are disproportionate, or if a repair is impossible. The consumer has the burden of proof to show that defects that appear after a period of 6 months following delivery were in place at the time of delivery. 
(b) Commercial Warranty: Antler also offers an additional commercial warranty on certain products. For details of this warranty, please see above.

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