Roncato Warranty


RONCATO products are manufactured with special attention to materials and details, meeting high quality standards. If any defects in materials/manufacturing should be found during the period covered by the warranty, RONCATO will repair or replace the product at its own expense.

RONCATO guarantees its products for a period of 2 years (unless otherwise stated), against any materials/manufacturing defect. Consequently, the purchaser is responsible for taking the product to the nearest RONCATO Service Centre, Dealer or Retailer, together with the fully completed warranty certificate and the receipt of purchase.

To locate our Service Centres anywhere in the world, please refer to our website: or to the enclosed telephone number list. If any product or any part needs to be replaced and the colour or version is no longer available, RONCATO will replace it with an equivalent product or spare part. Please do not send your product directly to RONCATO, as this will only delay its repair. You are responsible for any costs of getting the product to any such Service Centre, including, but not limited to, the cost of packaging, shipping and applicable taxes. The warranty exclusively covers the value of the product but not its contents. Product locks are only intended to prevent accidental opening and cannot necessarily prevent theft of the product or its contents, or prevent breakage or searching by airline/airport personnel or governmental authorities.

IMPORTANT: IT IS ESSENTIAL TO INSPECT YOUR LUGGAGE AT THE TIME IT IS RE-DELIVERED BY A TRANSIT COMPANY. IF ANY DAMAGE IS FOUND, IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO PLACE A CLAIM WITH THE TRANSIT COMPANY (WHICH IS INSURED FOR ANY DAMAGE TO PASSENGERS LUGGAGE) AT THE PLACE OF ARRIVAL, IF POSSIBLE BEFORE CLEARING CUSTOMS. The warranty does not cover any damage due to wear and tear, negligence, abuse or mishandling, exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasion, damage due to the product coming into contact with acids, solvents and water, or any damage during transport caused by transit companies or accidents.

Nevertheless, for the above-mentioned causes, the damaged product may be sent to a Roncato Service Centre, Dealer or Retailer, which will estimate the cost of repair, and the user will be responsible for any costs. Any defects in materials/manufacturing found by the purchaser after the warranty has expired, may be repaired, at the user’s expense, if the part to be replaced is available at the time.

This warranty does not limit any legal rights that may apply in the country of purchase.
Valigeria Roncato is entitled to change the product specifications, colours and patterns of each product without prior notice.
* Spare parts for limited edition products are not guaranteed in the original colours.

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